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Mister Lion

Bella (havanese) the min sheep dog.

I love my glove.

The three crazy Frenchies Rose, Pickles, and Rowdy

Sugar always takes a nap after her bath.

Homer says it's nap time.

Fanny relaxing with Dave

Chance getting a bath, about ready to shack and get everyone else wet too (his favorite part).

Chance getting his ears cleaned, such a good puppy.

Cody with his mohawk

Bandit Before

Bandit After

"my toys, my toys.."

MOSS the BOSS getting her bath.

Jack resting after his beauty treatment.

Logan all done and ready to show off.

Charlie Before

Charlie After

Hobby Before

Hobby After

Barlow having fun with Dave

Tye and Jax

Just hanging out at Auntie Em's.