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Grooming/Bathing is not just to make your pet pretty it is also essential in keeping your pet healthy.

The first step of your grooming/bathing experiences at Auntie Em's is started with a consultation with your groomer or bather. Your groomer/bather will evaluate the condition of your dogs coat and skin. From there your groomer/bather determines, based on your dog's coat and your input, what is the best shampoo for your pets health and look. Next your groomer, if getting a hair cut, will work with you to decide what type of style hair cut will work best for you and your pet.

Bathing: All shampoos, even specialty shampoos, such as oatmeal, flea or even hypo+allergenic shampoos are included in the bath price. To ensure an even and best hair cut each dog is bathed prier to grooming.

Ears and eyes are cleaned and glands are expressed: Ears are plucked of hair (if needed), cleaned with cleaning solutions, and eyes are whipped and cleaned. Glands are expressed on an as needed bases, your groomer can discus this further with you during your consultation.  

Nails clipped and Smoothed: Nails are clipped and delicately smoothed to ensure a close cut and a softer nail.

Dried and Brushed: All dogs are fluffed and blow-dried by hand. We refrain from using kennel driers as much as possible.

Hair Cut: Our goal at Auntie Em's is to give you what you want. Most important we create what will work for your pet.

Post-Groom consultation: When you pick up your pet, your groomer or bather will discuss any problems that may need to be brought to your attention such as hot spots, dry skin, fleas, ear infection ect.